• Turkey Meatballs

    This is one of those easy lifestyle dinner recipes. The unique thing about this recipe is; it uses Turkey! Turkey meatballs are extremely easy to prepare and will add a little authentic Italian to your diabetic diet. (For cheese lovers, add extra Parmesan cheese at the end!) Pair this...
  • salmon

    Jerk Grilled Salmon

    I am not a fish person. I get “WHAT?!” and “No way” all the time when I say this but I never understood why. Then, I tried one of our older recipes Salmon with Salad and from then on I was willing to eat salmon but not most fish....
  • Tortilla-Lime Chicken Soup

    This is a very unique recipe that will wow everyone at the dinner table. It is a recipe that anyone could enjoy even if they are not diabetic. Personally, I think this is a great recipe for a house with both diabetics and non-diabetics.  This recipe should only take...
  • Recipe of White and black bean chicken chili

    Black-and-White Chicken Chili

    Chicken and chili isn’t something that is normally mixed. However, that won’t stop us from posting it. I haven’t personally tried this recipe but the idea of it makes my mouth water. The cooking process is a little lengthy also so make sure you have enough time allocated to...
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