Diabetic Snack Recommendations

Diabetic Recipes and their 5 favorite store bought snacks for diabetics. These snacks are healthy and very tasty.
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After my last recipe, I suddenly get the urge to write another post about snacks. I recall explaining my love for snacks in the last recipe but I only gave one snack idea for diabetics in the post. For that reason, I am going to give my top 5 favorite snacks I always carry in my diabetic kitchen.

Always keep in mind your blood glucose levels. Snacks for diabetics are usually meant to balance your blood glucose level.

  1. Sun chips: Sun Chips are my favorite type of chips, even over the unhealthy chips I have tried in the past. Their flavors are always natural and healthy while maintaining that great taste.
  2. Quaker SnackMix: This snack is a surprising one for most people because it does not look healthy. However, Quaker’s snack mix is incredibly healthy and is a great source of Iron. The taste is unique to Quaker’s SnackMix and is no where near the same as ChexMix.
  3. Triscuit Thin Crisps: I typically do not eat crackers alone because I find them to be too bland for me. These crackers are made with 100% whole grain while using a combination of cheeses to create a very unique taste.
  4. Canned Tuna: Canned tuna is actually one of the ways I spice up my “Bland” Crackers. Tuna is a great source of protein and can be mixed with many things to create cracker toppings. It can be prepared extremely quickly and will fill you up fast!
  5. Nature Valley Granola Bars: I have liked Nature Valley Granola Bars since I was taking it to school for lunch. They are always tasty and come in many flavors. Nature Valley Granola Bars contain a high amount of whole grain and fiber.
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