Diabetic Recipes is having a open contest this month to celebrate the new year! All you need to do to enter is post your favorite diabetic recipe to the website using the button below! Keep in mind, in order to make a post you must create an account using the following...
  • Image of Cranberry Snack Pack

    Spiced Cranberry Snack Mix

    I am all about snacks. Being diabetic shouldn’t change the fact that snacks are an important part of your diet. Some people even go as far as only eating snacks to replace their 3 meals for the day. Now, I do not go that far but new snacks for...
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Diabetic Recipes is a website for diabetic to learn new ways to spice up their diet. Diabetic Recipes has recipes for Main Dishes, Sides and even Sweets! We encourage everyone to leave feedback on recipes and even go as far as post your own! Feel free to E-mail [email protected] any questions regarding the website.

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