Diabetic Picnic Guide

How to set up the perfect Diabetic Picnic

Picnics are an important part of summer. Whether it be hot dogs, sandwiches, BBQ or even store bought lunches; picnics are a way for people to enjoy some of their favorite foods outside of the house. Picnics are one of my favorite outdoor excursions popular in American culture and tend to be a great activity for families, big or small. The first mentioning of picnics can be traced back to 1692 and it has continued to be common until the present day. However, picnics might not always conform to your diabetic requirements. This article will help you create the perfect diabetic picnic for you and your diabetic loved ones.

Possible Food Choices

Food choice is huge for a diabetic picnic. Despite the amount of diabetics that are participating in your picnic, some diabetic food should be available. Here are a few recommendations for diabetic food to add to your picnic.

  • Watermelon-  Despite watermelon’s high Gl Value, their glycemic level is low, which means watermelon can be a good fruit for diabetic patients. Watermelon has been a core part of picnic food for a long time and will add flavor and ascetic to your picnic.
  • Diabetic Sandwiches- Sandwiches are another meal that can be altered in many ways regarding their ingredient make-up. Whole-grain bread is always a great place to start. Lean meat like ham or turkey with your choice of vegetables. You can even add mustard and low-fat mayonnaise if you see fit.
  • Fresh Fruit Basket- Fruit is always a healthy choice for your picnic. Fruits recommended for diabetics: Berries, Berries tend to be high in antioxidants. Peaches or Bananas for your daily potassium. Apricots can be a great source of fiber. Apples always are tasty and contain a wide variety of vitamins. Kiwis are delicious and can be good for your low-carb diet.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to pick foods that are classics for picnics. This is YOUR diabetic Picnic so, don’t forget to add your own favorite diabetic food to the selection.


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