Yuliya Gulmi

  • We Love Kale. Book Tip.

    We Love Kale.  Book Tip. I love to cook and eat and to discuss cooking and eating.  In my observation, if you start talking about kale, people either love it or hate it.  They either embraced it to the point that they may skip the salad unless there is...
  • Ratatouille-ism

    Ratatouille-ism Ratatouille is an invitation to eat vegetables gourmet-style. What can be better than that if you are a diabetic or trying to loose weight or simply wanting to eat more vegetables! It is wonderful because it is flexible – you can omit some ingredients and add your favorites,...
  • Trick That Lasts A Week – Simple Daily Dinners for Busy Diabetics

    Trick That Lasts A Week – Simple Daily Dinners for Busy Diabetics We are extremely busy. If someone we know is not busy, we start suspecting that something is not going well for that person. Some level of concern and compassion is always appreciated, and busy or not, everyone...

    Farmers Market – Always Diabetic-Friendly This post was inspired by my visit to a local farmers stand this morning. We don’t have to wait until the big farmers market comes to town. Depending on where you live, this may happen once a week or once a month. But chances...
  • Diabetic Tips and Bahamian Curry Recipe

    Diabetic Recipes by Julia   8 September 2016   My Attitude to Food Cooking is amazing – it is a valuable survival and entertaining skill, it can benefit health and mood of the eaters, it gathers us together, it is an art and science gracefully blended, it is definitely...
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